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Join professional and award-winning content copywriter, Christopher Melotti, from Melotti Media, as he discusses fresh and interesting topics about marketing, content creation, copywriting and business practise in general. 

Aug 26, 2020

Are you a professional services business?


Most competitors unfortunately all look alike which leaves customers thinking you’re all the same. So, how can you stand out and differentiate your brand amongst the rest?


In this panel discussion, four highly-experienced marketing professionals share their advice, tips...

Aug 20, 2020

All businesses must have a website today – it’s no longer an option, because it’s the only true platform fighting for your business in the vast online landscape.

But just having a website is not enough. It's essential to have a great copy and design to hold your audiences’ attention, keep them engaged and lead...

Aug 14, 2020

With every purchase comes a customer journey that is made up of 8 steps. Each involves a different set of behaviours, and it’s important to meet your client’s specific needs throughout their whole journey.

So, how do you provide value at every stage to transition your potential leads into advocates?

Listen to this...

Aug 6, 2020

Everyone can write, but the reality is, a professional copywriter requires a specific skill set, experience and training to get the best results.


So, if you want quality copy that earns ROI, then you need a quality copywriter.


In this podcast episode, Chris will dispel the 7 common copywriting misconceptions for...