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Join professional and award-winning content copywriter, Christopher Melotti, from Melotti Media, as he discusses fresh and interesting topics about marketing, content creation, copywriting and business practise in general. 

Mar 31, 2020

When we create marketing content, we want our audience to respond. Low customer engagement means a poor use of your resources, lower brand recognition and lower leads.

You may even cop backlash from clients, despite all the time and effort you've taken.

All of these can be discouraging and damaging for your brand.

Mar 16, 2020

COVID-19 is spreading around the world and people are starting to panic - which is affecting all of our businesses. In this troubled time, communication is so incredibly important.

As a professional Marketing Copywriter, here are Chris' 5 tips to business communication during the troubled times we have literally on our...

Mar 2, 2020

Audiences are evolving and customer expectations are changing - this means brands should too.

Brands need to work harder today than ever before to pique interest and engage people - and we do this through appeal. 

Listen to this episode of The Copywriting Blog to learn the 8 ways to boost your brand's appeal.